Collective Creativity Within The Animation Industry in Malaysia

Vivienne Foo Rui Hua, Peter C. Woods


Abstract. Creativity is often credited to the brilliant mind of a single person who is perceived to champion unique and new ideas all by him or herself. However ideas can often take new and improve forms should people collaborated with one another. In the animation industry, creative ideas are crucial to the development of new stories, worlds and characters that once only exists in imagination into reality. The research will attempt to reveal if collective creativity efforts are being practiced in animation studios in Malaysia as well as to explore employees’ beliefs in an attempt to explain the challenges faced by animation studios. This research was done in a form of a survey given to members of the public who are involved in the animation industry. According to the results, animations studios in Malaysia are on the right track; showing positive results towards collective creativity though the process is not explicitly coordinated. And in a perceived reserved society, culture seems to be the number 1 barrier when it comes to collective creativity. Keywords. Animation; Organizational Creativity; Innovation; Knowledge Management; Malaysia.

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