Identification of Entrepreneurship Barriers among University Students in Indonesia

Grisna Anggadwita, Tri Djatmiko, HA. Romadlon, Ahmad Yusuf Wibisono, Fahrizal Eka Rahmadani


Abstract. Entrepreneurship is a potential efforts and strategies to boost employment and job creation for the youth, so that entrepreneurship is considered as one of the alternative engine of economic growth. Entrepreneurship can unleash the economy potential of young people. University is one of place to create and develop new entrepreneurs. This study aims to identify entrepreneurship barriers among university students in Bandung, Indonesia. The method used by quantitative approach method. The data collection used questionnaires, while samples were selected using non-probability sampling method with the technique of convenience sampling system. A total of 282 students participated as respondents in the filling of questionnaires. Based on the studies, the factors that significantly influence entrepreneurialbarriers of students including social/cultural legitimacy and acceptance, entrepreneurship education and training, and access to finance. Keywords. Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship barriers; Quantitative method; Students entrepreneur; Youth entrepreneurs.

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