Factors Influencing E-Money Adoption

Bambang Supriyanto, Gadang Ramantoko


The development of medium of exchange and transfer system today is very rapid and sophisticated. In terms of medium of exchange, beside money, which is still the main medium of exchange in the society, there are other non-cash mediums of exchange, including electronic money (e-money). This study identified and predicted factors influencing Telkomsel customers’ adoption of Tcash service using Mobile Payment Technology Acceptance Model (MPTAM) modification model. Valid data was 400 of 983 returned questionnaires with a result showing that the most influential factors on Intention to Use T-Cash were External Influences and Attitude, while moderating variable Age only moderated External Influences and variable Gender moderated Risk and External Influences. Keywords. E-Money; Mobile Payment; T-Cash; Modified MPTAM; Adoption; Indonesia.

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