The Influence of GRONROOS’S Service Quality Model on Triple Play’s Customer Satisfaction

Muhammad Kafin Latif, Maya Ariyanti


Internet user penetration in Indonesia continued to grow and now over 88.10 million, or more than 34.90% of the total population in Indonesia(APJII, 2015). APJII’s survey showed that the most favorite places to access the internet is from home. XYZ, a local telco company, exert all efforts in order to revive the fixed line business through the launch of triple-play product which is product bundling packages connected by optical fiber consisting of a high-speed internet services, fixed phone and interactive TV. Triple-play product is a new product launched in early 2015. However, due to its fault report numbers continue to rise, customers were suspected have not been satisfied and have not felt a good service quality. Based on Grönroos's Service Quality Model, the service quality as perceived by customer has three dimensions : functional, technical and image. This study aims to look at how the influence of the service quality of triple play product on customer satisfaction. The research data obtained directly from respondents by online questionnaires, were distributed via e-mail to customers in Balikpapan, the number of valid respondents who filled out a questionnaire, were 400. SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) were employed to analyze the data, with help of SmartPLS 2.0. Results indicate that functional quality and technical quality have positive and significant influence on image. Functional quality, technical quality and image have positive influence on service quality. Service quality and image have positive and significant influence on customer satisfaction. This research is an empirical evidence in the use of Grönroos’s models to explain the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction. Keywords. service quality; customer satisfaction; triple-play

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