Analysis of Customers Requirements of XYZ Resto POS System of PT. XYZ Using Quality Function Deployment

Nurul Fithri Sylvani


This research is proposed to identify the customer requirements that will support the product development of XYZ RESTO application. XYZ RESTO is a POS (Point of Sales) system developed by PT. XYZ. This desktop based application is used in several restaurants and cafés in Bandung. The mix qualitative and quantitative methods are used in this research to know the XYZ RESTO product further. Moreover, secondary data obtained from the internal data of PT. XYZ regarding the customer complaints report is used to be translated into voice of customers. There are several service quality development tools that can assist the company to track what is the most required aspects of XYZ RESTO as POS system to meet its client’s needs. In this research, one of service quality tools will be used is Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as this tool will enable to clarify the customer requirements priority. The House of Quality (HOQ) will be deployed as the tool of QFD. The result of this research will be examined is what kind of services offered by XYZ RESTO application need to be kept and enhanced to increase the XYZ RESTO service quality that will meet the customer needs. Keywords.POS; QFD; service deployment; House of Quality.

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