E-Marketing Application Design For Improving SME’s Competitiveness In Lombok Island - Indonesia

Renny Nur'ainy, Dyah Meita Setyawati, Bagus Nurcahyo, Ety Sutanty


The success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is the availability of a clear market for the products. Meanwhile, the fundamental weaknesses faced by SMEs in marketing are low market orientation, weakness in a complex and sharp competition and inadequate marketing infrastructure. Faced with an increasingly open market mechanisms and competitive, market control is prerequisite for improving competitiveness. Therefore, expansion of market access with Web-based Information Technology is now needed as a medium for global communication. One thing that gives a competitive advantage in international trade competition is information technology of electronic marketing or e-marketing. The method used in this research is the conceptual framework and empirical based review of the literature related to information technology, small and medium enterprises, e-commerce and e-marketing.This paper intend to shows the important role of emarketing for SMEs in Lombok Island - Indonesia and how to develop the model of e-marketing. Keywords. small and medium enterprise; information technology; e-commerce; competitive advantage.

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