Strategy Formulation of Patrakom’s Business Portfolio Post-Acquisition by Telkom

Terri Astradika, Yudi Pramudiana


This study aims to provide a solution strategy formulation of portfolio management of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) product in the Telkom Group, particularly Patrakom. The research used qualitative model, conducted through statistic descriptive to processing the primary data. The value of the processing results are analyzed to find the meaning behind the value, seek connection with other data, and clearly reveals the relationship each other, to become a common understanding. Primary data through interviews of six experts. Secondary data from the financial statement documents, and consultant survey. The validity of the data through triangulation of different sources with the same technique. The result of six portfolio products research indicate “Current Product Positionâ€, for five products are superior and one product is mediocre. As for the “Estimated Product for the next 3 yearsâ€, all are superior. There are two proposed strategies, namely: (1) Maintained strategy, maintaining the position of the product in the future in accordance with the position of the product at this time; and (2) Upgraded strategy, improve product positioning in the future to be better than the current one. Keywords. mergers and acquisitions; product portfolio; VSAT; Strategy formulation.

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