Is There a Possibility of Learning Organization to Improve the Professional Educator Performance? (Learning Organization in Higher Education)

Ifada Rahmayanti


The problem in this research based on a phenomenon condition indicates of the professional educator performance of private polytechnic in West Java. Community service, is the part of professional educator performance. That phenomenon look at organizational learning variable and performance as individual level of organizational variable. This study includes some aim to obtain empirical evidence and find clarity and try to develop a theory of the phenomenon above. Among these are, to see how o Polytechnic as a learning organization influence the professional educator performance through work-life balance. And the last is measurement of how efficienty the existing of private polytechnic in West Java as a learning organization to improve their performance. Research design is studying the affect of learning organization on work-life balance, and impact of learning organization on performance of professional educator. Which took three place, on 14 educators who has undergraduate qualifications and minimum Asisten Ahli functional academic. The results shown that the views of the indicators of learning organization, private polytechnic leads to learning organization. Where a learning organization can affect the performance improvement of professional educators, indirectly through the work-life balance. From the results of calculations by distribution frequency seen that three private polytechnic in West Java can serve as benchmarks in running learning organization activites to improve performance. Keywords. Community service; Learning organization; Educator performance; Work-life balance

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