Learning Culture Assessment and Its Influence on Knowledge Creation Process (A Case Study of PT Pindad (Persero))

Karina Larasati, Yudo Anggoro


To thrive and stay ahead of the competition in a world of Defence industry as well as to achieve its vision, PT Pindad (Persero), better known as Pindad, has a learning value shared within organization, which is expected to encourage employee to continuously seek new knowledge and skills. This study aims to know the influence of Learning Culture on Knowledge Creation Process in Pindad setting and to assess the Learning Culture implementation in this company. It used mixed methods research by using sequential explanatory strategy, which is characterized by the collection and analysis of quantitative data followed by qualitative data. Multiple regression- and descriptive analyses were used in quantitative approach, while in-depth interview was conducted for the qualitative approach. Data were collected from employees in Technology & Developmentand Operation Division, which have substantial contribution to support product innovation at Pindad. The instrument in quantitative part is adopted from The Dimensions of Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) created by Watkins and Marsick (1993) to measure Learning Culture and the knowledge conversion theory (Nonaka & Takeuchi modified by Oh, 2001) to measure Knowledge Creation Process. The main result of this study shows that Learning Culture significantly influences Knowledge Creation Process in the context of Pindad. The value of Adjusted R2 indicates Learning Culture can explain 58.5% of the variability in the Knowledge Creation Process. Moreover, there are six suggestions to optimize the implementation of learning culture in this company, viz. promote collegial atmosphere through the role of leaders, provide appropriate training, provide supporting system for learning, review current reward for learning, update its current competencies, and change its mechanistic structure to organic structure. Keywords. Learning Culture; Knowledge Creation Process; Defence; DLOQ

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