Comparison of Job Characteristics Among Generational Cohorts: A Case Study in the Office of Telkom Regional II Jakarta

Gandung Pratidhina, Ade Irma Susanty


Multigenerational existence in an organization raises challenge in human resource management, that employees from the same generation group has each its characteristics, affecting their view on life and work, including from job characteristics aspects. This study identified and compared the job characteristics between generational cohorts in Unit of Telkom Regional Office II Jakarta, using all five dimensions of job characteristics models, namely: task variety, task identity, task significance, authority, and feedback. There were 212 valid data out of 243 derived from survey using online questionnaire with the results showing that task significance is the job characteristics that differ significantly between generations X both to baby boomers and generation Y employees. Keywords. E-Money; Mobile Payment; T-Cash; Modified MPTAM; Adoption; Indonesia.

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