The Effect of Total Quality Management Factors on Employee Satisfaction in Telkom University

Palti M.T. Sitorus, Wiji Safitri, Dodie Tricahyono


Quality is an inseparable part in educational institution. Human Resources in Educational Institutions need to be observed careful, because most processes in institutions deal with employees. Total Quality Management is believed to be a tool that can improve employee satisfaction which leads to productivity to ultimately improve the quality of the institution. This study was conducted to identify the factors of Total Quality Management in Telkom University and its influence on employee satisfaction. Samples are taken using cluster random sampling. The results obtained are seven TQM factors that exist at Telkom University, which are leadership, measurement and evaluation, curriculum design, process control and environment, implementation of academics program, Top Management planning, and employee involvement. In addition, TQM’s significant effect on employee satisfaction amounted to 35.9%. Keywords. Total Quality Management; Higher Education; Employee Satisfaction

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