Customer Preference in using Internet Banking


  • Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS), Universityof Twente, Netherland
  • Rizkyana Fauziah Telkom University


Emerging technology and the increasing number of Indonesian people who use internet, encourage banking firms to make strategies with the use of internet technology in order to survive in the competition. Internet banking is a banking service that allows customers to perform banking transactions via internet. The purpose of this study was to determine customer preferences toward the use of internet banking in Bandung. Attributes are used are taken from research related to e-SERVQUAL. Dimensions of e-SERVQUAL is to measure the quality of service on virtual. Ther is five attribute in e-SERVQUAL and used in this study are the efulfillment, privacy/security, efficiency, system availability, and problem handling. A conjoint analysis was use to evaluate the customer preferences on internet banking use. A survey to 400 users of internet banking in Bandung, Indonesia were conducted, using a purposive sampling method. Results of this study stated that efulfillment is the most important attribute for customers with importance value, efficiency, system availability, privacy/ security, and problem handling. Keywords. Preferences; internet banking; e-SERVQUAL; conjoint analysis