The Relation of Motivation, Engagement, and Job Performance of Nurses at Advent Hospital

Puspita Wulansari, Rolyana Ferinia, Arif Partono Prasetio


Organization should start focusing on the employee performance if they want to thrive in the business. Several factors affect the employee performances. Motivation and Engagement level of the employee are two of them. The organization which enhances their employee motivation and engagement will certainly have the opportunity to increase the performance level. This research discusses the relation between motivation and engagement toward nurse performance at the Advent Hospital in Indonesia. We used 248 nurses as respondents. We focus on the nurses as they are the closest persons who interact with customers. The path analysis was used to measure the direct and indirect effect. The research found both independent variables significantly affect the dependent variable. The direct and indirect effect of motivation and engagement also reveal but it was not strong. While organization should try to maintain the motivation and engagement level, they are also has to find other ways to improve their employees performance. Keywords—motivation, engagement, job performance, health-care, path analysis

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