Cataalyst Method to Motivate Students Communication Interactivity in Critical Thinking

Lucy Pujasari Supratman


There are many problems on lecturing method in Higher Education level. The general problem faced by the students is the lack of confident to express their opinion liberally. They prefer to listen rather than express their argument at class. Thus, the critical power of students needs to be sharpening to challenge social phenomenon among them. I recommend the CATAALYST method to be applied in the research. The numbers of classes that had been involved were three classes. I had done the observation to the three classes before applying the CATAALYST method. It was a method of using the Internet technology by combining lecturerstudents’ proximity. I used descriptive case study to elaborate the CATAALYST Method for the whole semester. The result found that this CATAALYST Method proved successfully in sharpening student’s critical power. The evaluation of its success was shown on the answer sheet of Middle Test and Final Test. Their answers used critical perspective in the test. The Focus Group Discussion at class really helped them to build courage in delivering critical argument orally and written. Keywords. Cataalyst Method, Critical Thinking, Communication Interactivity

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