Leny Saili Rahmah, Paulina Novarita


Teaching is interactive process, in which the teacher's method is the result from interaction process between the teacher, the learnenrs, the instructional task, and activities overtime. Course is one of alternative for students who wants to study Englsih deeply, more detail, specifically to improve English skills as adition English lesson at the school. This research aims to describe the process of English teaching and learning at one of course institution as non-formal education, a descriptive study at Beginner level of POLITEK IBC Indramayu. Beside that, it done to identify student's supporting factor to study English at course institution. The descriptive  method is used in the study by applying the qualitative analysis with the specification on the description. This paper uses some techniques for getting information or facts by observation and interviewing. Some questionnaires for teachers, learners, officers and directors are given as well. The finding shows that there are three methods which are applied by course institution, namely: Grammar translation method, direct method, and audio lingual method. Tjose method are not used in one activity but every activity used different method.

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