Acceptance of E-Money Attached on College Student ID Card

Puspita Kencana Sari, Elsa Manora Putri Yuniaryo


The appearance of e-money (electronic money) provides changes and individual impacts for individual habits in conducting transactions. E-money is a non-cash payment instrument in addition to credit cards and debit cards. In the program of the Non-Cash National Movement that proclaimed by the Indonesia government, several agencies and institutions participated to support the program. Telkom University is one of educational institutions that support the movement by providing student identity card as well as e-money since several years ago. Object of this research are Telkom University students. This research is adapted UTAUT 2 framework. This study used a quantitative approach with PLS-SEM as data analysis technique. The factors that significantly affect e-money usage behavior are social influence, hedonic motivation, habit and behavioral intention. Gender, as moderator variable, gives affect to hedonic motivation to behavioral intention, habit to behavioral intention, and also habit to use behavior.

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