Online Learning is an Effective Medium To Knowledge Sharing


  • Agus Joko Purwanto Purwanto Universitas Terbuka


The Internet has removed the geographical boundaries. The Internet has changed the way people learn. Learning does not have to be in the classroom. Learning can be done anywhere by using internet help. Effective learning means learning by prioritizing knowledge sharing. In order for knowledge sharing to take place effectively online learning needs to be designed so that students are motivated to continue to participate actively, easily download, process and transfer learning resources. There are 5 ways to facilitate knowledge sharing in online learning i.e.: build a centralized online resource library, create knowledge resources in your audience, create online learning communities, host webinars that rely on peer-based interaction, and stress the benefits of knowledge sharing (Pappas, 2016). This paper aims to explore the ability of learning process through e learning in improving knowledge sharing ability at Open University. The findings of this research are online tutorial designed to: (1) there is knowledge sharing process between student and student, student with tutor and tutor at low level; (2) students are able to independently and actively seek materials through open educational resources; (3) the dashboard of e learning arranged the menus required by students and user friendly; (4) faculty creating groups of discussion in the form of tutorial classroom tutors; (5) online tutorial provide initiation, task, discussion material, and material downloaded from open educational resources.