Analisis Perilaku Penggunaan Aplikasi Pesan Instan Dengan Menggunakan Model Unified Theory Of Acceptance And Use Of Technology 2 Di Kota Bandung

Gusti Ayu Made Mas Marhaeni, Indrawati Indrawati


Among six countries in South East Asia, Indonesia is a country with the second highest number of application downloaded, and instant messenger application is the most frequently downloaded application in 2013. This data is contradictive with frequency of application usage in Indonesia which is the lowest among other South East Asia countries. This highest number of downloaded application which is not in line with highest usage of application is not good for the business since in Indonesia instant messenger application can downloaded freely. It is important to know the factors that affect intention and usage of instant messenger application. The aim of this research are to test and analyze which factors affect intention and use behavior of instant messenger application in Bandung based on UTAUT 2 Model developed by Venkatesh, Thong, and Xu (2012). This research use 600 sample size who are people lived in Bandung and use at least one instant messenger application. Using questionnaire as main data gathering tool, the 34 survey items and 9 constructs in this research are fulfill the convergent and discriminant validity and also have a good reliability.To test the hypotheses, this research use Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with SmartPLS 2.0 as statistic software. The result shown that the most significant factor to predict Behavioral Intention is Habit, followed by Hedonic Motivation, Price Value, Facilitating Condition, Social Influence, and Performance Expectancy. These factors can predict Behavioral Intentiont about 69% while Facilitating Conditions, Behavioral Intention, and Habit can predict Use Behavior about 57%. Besides that, this research also shown that Age and Gender moderated relationship between exogeneous constructs and endogeneous constructs. Based on the research results, the high priority factor to be considered for increase intention to use instant messenger application is habit, so it is important for instant messenger application provider companies to make using instant messenger application become a habit for the users. To make it happens, feature optimalization which can add some values and satistfaction among users need to be fulfilled, so the intention to use this application still high. Besides that, facilitating conditions such as availability of guidance to use instant messenger application and the role of important people around users are also significant factor to considered in order to increase intention to use instant messenger applications. For academic aspect, further study need to do comprehensive analysis in each instant messenger application, so the result can give more spesific recommendations to the companies. Besides that, Experience need to involved as moderating variable to know its affect to intention and use behavior of instant messenger application. Keywords : Behavioral Intention, Use Behavior, Instant Messenger Application, UTAUT 2

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