The Effect Of Public Service Advertising On Consumer Behaviour In Using Rumah Belajar By Ministry Of Education And Culture

Utari Nur Oktavia Putri, Syahputra Syahputra


This study aims to determine the effect of Public Service Ads on Consumer
Behavior in Rumah Belajar program by The Ministry of Education and Culture.
The research method used is quantitative with a simple linear regression analysis.
The basic theory which is the basis of research is Public Service Advertising. The
population in this study is the people of Indonesia, amounting to 100 respondents.
Where the sampling technique is probability sampling. This study uses a simple
linear regression analysis method and hypothesis testing using ÃBM SPSS 25 for
windows. The results of this study indicate that the responses of respondents to the
variable public service ads that are meaningful, believable, and distinctive are
indicated to be good. Furthermore, the results of the study show that public service
ads have a significant effect on consumer behavior partially. The magnitude of the
simultaneous effect is seen based on the simple correlation value of 0.427. So,
based on the coefficient of determination, discipline and supervision of 18.2% of
employee performance, while the remaining 81.2% is influenced by other things
outside this study.
Keywords: Rumah Belajar, Public Service Advertisements, Consumer Behavior,
Ministry of Education and Culture

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