Halaman Persetujuan Pola Komunikasi Keluarga Dalam Penerapan Fungsi Kasih Sayang Ibu Pada Warga Binaan Wanita (studi Pada Warga Binaan Wanita Di Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Perempuan Sukamiskin Bandung)


  • Julia R Chairunnisa Telkom University


ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pola komunikasi keluarga dalam penerapan fungsi kasih sayang Ibu pada warga binaan wanita di Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Perempuan, Sukamiskin Bandung. Studi ini sangat menarik untuk di eksplorasi lebih dalam untuk mengetahui pola orientasi percakapan dan orientasi konformitas dari setiap keluarga. Kata Kunci: Pola komunikasi keluarga, orientasi percakapan, orientasi konformitas ABSTRACT The aim of this research is to examine the family communication pattern for the application of mother’s affection in the female prison of Sukamiskin Bandung. This research will be directed towards the qualitative-phenomenology of the parents, especially between mothers and their child inside the prison in order to compare the communication pattern between the female inmates and their children. This research is done with an interview and in-field observation of Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Kelas II-A Sukamiskin, Bandung ( Sukamiskin Prison Cell II-A, Bandung). This research uses data analysis techniques and then the data is processed, looked for possible patterns, looked for important findings, and then decided what will be told outside the prison. The result of this research could be viewed from two different dimensions .The first one is speaking orientation that was marked by the child’s minimum participation towards their parents which resulted in the passiveness of the children in terms of communication with their parents. The second one is the conformity orientation that was marked by similarities inside a family, in which the children were being obedient because of fear that was forced by their parents. The conclusion of the observation that was done by the researcher raised a question, what factors that could affect the communication process inside a family between the children and their parents which are the inmates of prison. ISSN : 2355-9357 e-Proceeding of Management: Vol.8, No.1 Februari 2021 | Page 521Keywords : Family communication pattern, conversation orientation, conformity orientation, Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Wanita






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