Pengaruh Electronic Word Of Mouth Terhadap Brand Awareness Konsumen Roti Gempol

Anggara Lugina, Elvira Azis


Number of cafes in Bandung each year is increasing, it makes the competition even more intense. Roti Gempol is one of the typical cafes serving refined bread. Things that made the difference between one and the other brand by means of branding. Branding will generate brand awareness, see the phenomenon of a declining trend in line Roti Gempol proportional to the number of customers. Seeing with the development of Internet technology one way of promotion that can be done to increase brand awareness is the electronic word of mouth. The purpose of this research to investigate the influence of electronic word of mouth and brand awareness. This research will be conducted measurements of electronic word of mouth (X) visits of factors namely relevance, timeliness, accuracy, comprehensiveness and brand awareness (Y). Data collection methods used in the form of a questionnaire. The samples used for distributing questionnaires, using non-probability sampling method with convenience sampling technique. The number of respondents in this study as many as 384. This research is a descriptive quantitative measurement scale used is Likert scale points 7. This study used a simple linear regression analysis techniques and data processing using SPSS. Based on the results of data processing, it can be seen that the electronic word of mouth significant effect on brand awareness. The results showed that both variables are in a somewhat better category. Electronic word of mouth should still be done because it can be a positive influence on consumer brand awareness Roti Gempol.

Keywords: Marketing; Electronic Word of Mouth; Brand Awareness.

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