Analysis Of Consumer Preferences In Choosing A Local Sneakers Brand Using Conjoint

Mahesyah Asmara Putra, Indira Rachmawati


Sneakers are a fashion product. Industrial sales growth local sneakers brands in Indonesia have increased in the last few years. Due to several factors. From this, business actors in domestic sneaker products have an excellent opportunity to develop their product with domestic trademarks to compete with foreign brands that dominate the market first. Therefore business actors must know what consumers want. This study aims to determine the combination of attributes that most influence consumer preferences in selecting local brand sneakers. This research is a quantitative study conducted using the conjoined analysis method. The sampling using a non-probability purposive sampling method. This study is based on primary data carried through a survey of 395 consumers of local brand sneakers. The identification results are in the form of price, model, comfort, material, durability, and shape of shaft attributes used to evaluate local brand shoes. The results showed that 395 respondents identified that the combination of attributes that best met consumer preferences when choosing local brand sneakers, cheap sneakers, high comfort, canvas/fabric material, more than one year durability, and Low-top shape. The essential attribute is the comfort attribute of sneakers, with an importance value of 29.808%. Key word : Preference, Consumer, Sneakers, Local, Brand, Conjoint Analysis.

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