The Analysis Of SWOT And IE Matrix Toward Marketing Strategy PT Bumi Mulia Seed

Jauza Fauruz Zulfa, Indira Rachmawati


This study aims to determine the condition of the company PT Bumi Mulia Seed from internal and external factors that will be used in the formulation of marketing strategy planning. This research uses a qualitative descriptive approach. Data processing uses the IFE matrix, EFE matrix, CPM, SWOT matrix, IE matrix, and QSPM. Data collection techniques using interviews, observation, and documentation. Based on the analysis results, the IFE and EFE matrix obtained scores of 2.622 and 2.861, indicating the position of PT Bumi Mulia Seed in the analysis of SWOT and IE matrix was in quadrant V. Then produced two alternative strategies, namely market penetration and product development. The results of the QSPM show that the market penetration strategy is the right marketing strategy for PT Bumi Mulia Seed gets a score of 6.877. A penetration strategy that can be implemented by further increasing product promotion using social media and websites, collaborating with the government by participating in the ecatalog program, and being able to take advantage of fostered partners in three provinces as an initial step in product sales. Then, adding marketing targets each year such as adding marketing targets to 6 provinces and so on, until foreign market shares. Keywords: SWOT Analysis, Marketing Strategy, SWOT matrix, IE matrix, CPM, QSPM.

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