The Effect Of E-service Quality Dimensions Towards Customer Repurchase Intention Of Mutual Funds Application Services Through Customer Satisfaction As An Intervening Variable (Case Study: Bareksa)

Narisha Mega Aulia Mahdani, Teguh Widodo


Technological developments in the current digital era are growing very rapidly, one of which is financial technology that changes the way people pay, send money, borrow money, and invest. With the availability of online-based mutual fund buying and selling transactions that can be done anywhere and anytime. The use of mutual fund buying and selling applications in Indonesia has been growing since 2013 when PT Bareksa Investment Portal launched the Bareksa application as a mutual fund platform. Bareksa is as a pioneer of mutual fund platform in Indonesia. This study aims to describe the dimensions of E-Service Quality on the Bareksa Application in Indonesia and examine the relationship between the dimensions of E-Service Quality with Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention. Six dimensions are proposed to measure the EServices Quality of Bareksa's application services, namely Information Quality, Application Design, Payment Methods, Personalization, Responsiveness, and Security & Privacy. This research is a quantitative research with causal research type. Data was collected through an online survey with 232 respondents from Indonesia. Confirmatory Factor Analysis was selected for the Validity Test. The reliability test was chosen for the reliability test. The results indicate that Information Quality, Personalization, Responsiveness, and Security & Privacy have a positive and significant effect on the Customer Satisfaction. Application Design and Payment method variables have no positive and significant effect on the Customer Satisfaction. Keywords: E-Service Quality, Mutual Fund Selling Agent, Customer Satisfaction, Repurchase Intention

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