The Effect Of Brand Image And Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction Of Glans Autocare Bandung

Irsyan Khalik Prabowo, Mahir Pradana


Glans Autocare is one of new business that located in Bandung. Glans Autocare offers the car wash, car polish, etc at customers’ place, which aims to create a strong and positive image of Glans Autocare. Besides that, the service quality is also one of the important keys to increase customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, this study aims to show the effects of brand image and service quality on customers’ satisfaction of Glans Autocare Bandung. The quantitative descriptive and causal analysis is used in this study based on the brand image and service quality on customer satisfaction. In this study, the sample amounted to 100 respondents, who have used the service of Glans Autocare Bandung. While the sampling technique used is non-probability sampling, with the population is Glans Autocares’ customers in Bandung whose number is unknown. The finding of this study shows that brand image and service quality partially have a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Then, brand image and service quality simultaneously have significant effects on customer satisfaction. Based on the coefficient of determination shows that brand image and service quality have an effect of 85.2% on customer satisfaction. Keywords: Brand Image, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Glans Autocare.

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