Konstruksi Tidak Percaya Diri Perempuan Dalam Film (analisis Semiotika Roland Barthes Film Imperfect)

Nadya Putri Wahyuni, Catur Nugroho


A film is a representation of language that is conveyed by filmmakers to describe or construct reality in human life. Films record or describe the realities of life that continue to grow and develop in people's lives and then project that reality visually. This research aims to find out how the construction of women's insecurity through scenes and dialogues in the film Imperfect. Myths about female beauty make many women feel insecure because they do not have a "beautiful" physique that applies in society. This film Imperfect tells of a woman who works in an office and gets unpleasant treatment in her work environment because she has a weight that is not ideal. This study used a qualitative descriptive method and the selected data were analyzed using Roland Barthes' semiotic approach. The results of the study show the form of women's insecurity through the character Rara who feels that she is lacking because she does not have an ideal and beautiful body shape as the construction of the meaning of "beautiful" formed by the media and believed by the public so far. The myth that appears in the film Imperfect is about the meaning of beautiful women who are described as white, tall, slim, and with straight hair. Unconfident attitude can be seen from the scenes and dialogues in this film, including when the scene lowers her hair to cover her round cheeks as a form of insecurity that is being experienced. The construction of women's insecurity can also be seen from the dialogue where the main character of the film conveys several sentences that express feelings of shame and insecurity because of their physical problems. Keywords: Imperfect movie, construction, insecure, women,semiotics

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