The Effect Of Online Consumer Review On Customer Purchase Decision Process In The E-commerce Site

Riza Amartha Rangsang, Heppy Millayani


Abstract A person's experience with the use of a product or service is an important aspect for a potential customer in deciding to purchase the product he wants to use. Consumers making purchases of a product have a factor, namely the purchase decision. One aspect of marketing that is used for consumers to decide on a purchase is by using electronic word of mouth in the form of online consumer reviews. So, which is one of the e-commerce sites in Indonesia, provides an online consumer review feature on its product pages. This study looks at how much influence online consumer reviews have on the purchasing decision process on the e-commerce site by using simple linear regression analysis. This type of using quantitative methods. The sample used is users who have seen online consumer reviews on products. Data were collected from 100 respondents, namely, blibli users who had read online reviews, and the questionnaire was distributed using the google form. Based on the results of the study, it was found that online consumer reviews have a positive and significant effect on the purchasing decision process. Judging from the magnitude of the influence of online consumer reviews, companies should also consider using reviews not only on products but also on almost all aspects related to customers. Further research can explore and expand the influence of online consumer reviews on other companies with the same line of business and see other variables that can increase online consumer reviews besides the purchasing decision process. Keywords: Online Consumer Review, Purchase Decision Process, Blibli.

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