Analysis Interaction E-Wom Of Online Transportation User On Twitter Social Media To Increase Customer Engagement Using Social Network Analysis (Study On: Gojek And Grab)

Siti Kamalliah, Tri Widarmanti, Herry Irawan


Gojek is one of the transportation companies online the most popular, with the highest number of the monthly active users, but during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gojek and Grab experienced a decrease in active users as well as a lot of emotional outbursts and disappointments conveyed by Gojek and Grab application users on Twitter social media. This study aims to find out how many Customer Accounts are involved in the network, whether these
Customer Accounts have many relationships with others, who are the key actors or key players through calculations centrality, how many brand communities are formed so that it will increase engagement with Customer Accounts other in Indonesia. Gojek and Grab as e-WOM within the larger Twitter social network so that it will be easy to increase Customer Engagement. Data collection was carried out by crawling data on Twitter
social media with the keywords "Grab" and "Gojek" using with a period from May 1, 2021 to May 30, 2021. The method used in this study used quantitative methods, This research is processed using Social Network Analysis. The data used in this study is user generated content (UGC) data originating from social media
Twitter. UGC Data The data that has been successfully crawled is then preprocessed by eliminating those that are not relevant to Gojek and Grab. Then the network visualization is carried out using Software Gephi which will eventually be calculated for SNA properties. The results of the calculation of network properties and centrality will then be compared to the two Gojek and Grab networks. The results show that the property value on the Gojek network is superior to 3 properties, namely nodes, edges, and average degree compared to Grab,
which is superior to only 2 properties. Based on the results of the centrality calculation, it shows that the key players on the Gojek and Grab networks are the @Gojekindonesia and @GrabID accounts which are official accounts of the company itself, but when compared, it shows that Gojek is superior to Grab. In addition, the results of the calculation of network properties and centrality can also be used as evaluation material for each company to be able to increase customer engagement and the community formed on the Gojek and Grab network
there are 9 communities.

Keyword: Customer Engagement, social media, Social Network Analysis

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