Analysis Of Factors That Influence Luxury Brand Purchase Intention In Bandung

Fikra Aldiandra Putra, Osa Omar Sharif


Result of easy accessing the internet breakdown boundary of sellers and buyers. Social media plays important role for companies to advertise their products, the image shown can influence purchasing decisions, other factors affect the purchase intention. This study aims to analyze the factors influence the purchase intention of luxury goods in Bandung. Type of research is descriptive causal, quantitative method with data collection techniques by google form, filling out the questionnaire used Likert Scale. This study involved 425 respondents, the sampling technique used is non-probability sampling, sampling is purposive sampling. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and IBM SPSS AMOS as statistical software. Based on the research, known Perceived Quality has positive effect on Social Value, Perceived Quality has positive effect on Personal Value, Perceived Quality has positive effect on Functional Value, Perceived Quality has significant effect on Perceived Value. Perceived Value has no significant effect on SMWOM. SMWOM has positive effect on Purchase Intention. Customer Demographics provides moderating effect between variables. Perceived Social Status has no moderating effect on SMWOM. Perceived Social Status has positive effect between SMWOM and Purchase Intention. For further research, the authors suggest understanding the role of social media, because social media has opportunities and risks. Keywords: Demographic, Perceived Quality, Perceived Social Value, Perceived Value, Purchase Intention, Social Media WOM (SMWOM)

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