The Influence Of Brand Image Towards Purchase Decision On Antis Hand Sanitizer

Sheila Ratna Mahira, Achmad Manshur Ali Suyanto


Demand for Antis hand sanitizer has improved significantly since the pandemic by 39.4% in 2021. This rapid growth was not achieved by other brand. The growth indicates that Antis brand has successfully build a good brand image. The good brand image may attract customer to decide purchasing the product. The purpose of doing this research is to learn the customer reactions towards brand image and purchase decision on Antis hand sanitizer. This research conduct 4 hypothesis. This study uses quantitative research method with descriptive causal research on Antis brand. The research was obtained by distributing online questionnaires to 401 respondents. The data in this study were obtained from online questionnaires. The analysis technique that are going to used are: Validity Test, Reliability Test, Classic Assumptions Test (Normality, Heteroscedasticity, and Multicollinearity), and Hypothesis Test (T test and F test). All of the test that conducted using the Statistical Program of Social Science (SPSS). The conclusion of this study is the Brand Image have simultaneously affect the Purchase Decision of Antis. On the other hand, Strength of Brand Association and Uniqueness of Brand Association has proven to have partial effect on Purchase Decision. Unfortunately, the Favourable of Brand Association does not have any effect on Purchase Decision. Keywords: Brand Image, Purchase Decision, Antis Hand Sanitizer.

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