Analyzing The Impact Of Online Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction (a Case Study Of Pt. Firstmedia)

Muhammad Yogi Eka Sumantri, Maya Ariyanti


Abstract The presence of computer technology with the power of the process has enabled the development of computer-based management information system. Research has been tried to analyze the significance factors that give impact or effect to the company customer satisfaction– and that is the focus of this study. The aim of this paper is to analyze which factors from online service quality that gives the most impact to customer satisfaction. This research is a case study, about – a website from ISP Company. Primary data in this research is using questionnaire. Secondary sources such as media reports, industry statistics, and information from company web sites were also collected. Online service quality was measured by five factors: their efficiency, reliability, responsiveness, fulfillment, and privacy. Online service quality appears to have quite similar dimension to e-service quality in general. Online service quality had deeper dimension about web than have been found in prior research on e-service quality.

Keywords: Online Service Quality, E-Service Quality, and Customer Satisfaction

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