Analisis Pengaruh Electronic Word Mouth Terhadap Proses Keputusan Pembelian (studi Pada Pt.gojek Di Kota Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Dan Bali)

I Made Dwijananda, Sisca Eka Fitria


The phenomenon of the use of social media is so rife in Indonesia. With the number of Internet users in Indonesia are increased annually based on the research of, made the Indonesian people are very consumptive of internet usage especially for social media. With the above phenomenon opportunities for the exchange of information through Internet media now known by the term Electronic Word of Mouth is besat. With the process of exchanging this information then there is an opportunity for a business to get a new customer. The customer then will perform a purchase decision process. Object observed from this study is the GO-JEK. Which is a business in the field of transport-oriented motorcycle. Where GO-JEK create an iOS and Android-based application for the use of his services. Consumers must first download the application on the smartphone, and then can use the services of GO-JEK. Moving on from the above phenomenon authors raised the title of "Analysis of the influence of Electronic Word of Mouth on the Buying Decision Process (Studies in GO-JEK)" The theory used in this penelitain is Marketing, Electronic Word of Mouth, Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Decision. The purpose of this penelitain is a writer wanted to know how the influence of electonic word of mouth to the purchase decision process. The method used in this research is quantitative with spread to the customer kusisioner GOJEK located in Bandung, then the researchers analyzed data from questionnaires by using data analysis techniques are Multiple Regression Analysis. Based on the results of the research, respondents to the electronic elements of word of mouth marketing and customer buying decision process on GO-JEK have a very good criteria. Through partial test results, eight variables word of mouth marketing is proven to have a positive influence and significant impact on consumer buying decision process. Electronic elements word of mouth marketing has an influence on customer purchase decisions on GO-JEK by 74.8%, while the remaining 25.2% is influenced by other factors not discussed in this study.

Keyword: Electronic Word of Mouth, Social Media, Purchase Decision

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