The Impact Of Social Entrepreneurship Dimensions Of Timmons' Model To The Future Of Indonesian Batik (a Case Study Of Ikatan Pencinta Batik Nusantara)

Bayu Rizky Putra Adhitama, Ratna L. Nugroho


This study explores the social entrepreneurship dimensions of Timmons’ model which are opportunity, resource, and team. In particular, the authors evaluate the utilization of all the three dimensions which interpreted by Timmons for social entrepreneurship that consist of social need as the opportunity, social venture capital as the resource, also external stakeholder and internal stakeholder as the team. Study conducted by asking four founders of Ikatan Pencinta Batik Nusantara as the respondents. Result revealed that there is a gap on the utilization of social need, social venture capital, external stakeholder and internal stakeholder in Ikatan Pencinta Batik Nusantara that should be fitted. It is recommended that for the future, the organization considers the actual social condition especially on young generation, improving its own business unit, and conducting a specification of job allocation for its internal stakeholder, in order to increase its performance and become sustainable.

Keyword: social entrepreneurship, opportunity, social need, resource, social venture capital, team, external stakeholder, internal stakeholder

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