Komunitas Motor Gede Dalam Persepsi Polisi Di Kota Bandung

Yuananda Bayu Utomo, Ratih Hasanah Sudrajat


Communities  can  also  be viewed as an interaction in a social structure that dwells in a different location or may be united by interests or values are the same. Automotive community itself is divided into two, cars communities and motorcycle communities. One  of these  communities, there  are  big  bike communities and these Communities in Bandung are many and varied. Various big bike communities,  bring  a  different  perception  of each individual. This study, entitled "Big Bike Communities in Perception of Police in Bandung  (Descriptive  Qualitative  Studies  on Big Bike Communities in Perception of Police in Bandung)" the purpose of this study is to determine the occurrence of police perceptions of   the   big   bike   community   in   the   city   of Bandung.  This  study  used  a  qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The focus of this research is to determine how the process of police perceptions of the big bike community in Bandung. The results of this study revealed that every   individual   has   a   different   way   of expressing their  perception  of  an object,  it is affected  by  each  other's  experiences  of  each individual.

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