The Effect Of Corporate Image On User Experience And Customer Loyalty Relationship: A Study Of Gsm Operators In Indonesia

Agung Pratama Andara, Indira Rachmawati


This research examines user experience (UX) partial influencing effect on customer loyalty and corporate image moderation influencing effect on user experience and customer loyalty relationship. The variables used are user experience main predictors (functionality, trustworthiness, social, perceived service quality, monetary), customer loyalty, and corporate image. Non probability sampling technique is used in this study, and convenience sampling is also used as one of the type in non probability sampling. The questionnaires were administered through 385 respondents as part of the population. Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis method is used to explain the results. It was found that the most partial influential predictor of UX on customer loyalty is perceived service quality while trustworthiness is the least. In the moderation effect by corporate image, it was found that trustworthiness is the only influential predictor of UX on customer loyalty relationship.

Keywords: corporate image, user experience, customer loyalty, telecommunication, GSM operators

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