The Influence Of Working Environment Towards Employees' Performance Of Back Office Employees In Perum Damri Bandung


  • Putu Panji Aditya Arsana Putra Telkom University
  • Fetty Poerwita Sari Telkom University


The major challenge of companies in current scenario is how to increase the job performance so that it can go beyond the company’s target. Empoyees’ performance is imperative for orgnizational outcomes and success. Many factor influence employee performance; and workplace environment factors stands out as the key determinants or performance. The company’s management have to take a full attention toward its employees’ performance. because performance is the indicator to know whether the employee has worked good enough or not. The objective of this research is to know the working environment, the employees performance, and the influence of working environment on employees performance in PERUM DAMRI Bandung. The population of this study is 50 back office employees in PERUM DAMRI Bandung. The main data gathering tool used is questionnaire, with 34 items and 2 variables are valid and reliable. To test the hypothesis and process the data, this research use IBM SPSS Statistics 20. Simple regression analysis method is used in this research. The result shown that both Working Environment and Employee Performance are categorized as good with the weight percentage of each variables are 73,15% and 75,95%. The influence of Working Environment on Employees Performance is 79,9%, based on the coefficient of determination, leaving 20,1% variance that could explained by other factors. This research has found that there is a significant influence from Working Environment towards Employees Performance in PERUM DAMRI Bandung. This research suggests that the company should pay attention to the working environment in the office in order to increase the employees’ performance. Further researcher is expected to study the other variables besides the independent variable used in this research and expected to take all employees in PERUM DAMRI Bandung as the population or expand the object.

Keywords: Working Environment, Employees Performance, DAMRI, Simple Regression






Program Studi S1 International ICT Business