Pengaruh Iklan Televisi Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Pelanggan (studi Kasus Mie Instan Sarimi)


  • Dana Christyadi Telkom University
  • Indira Rachmawati Telkom University


This study attemp to explore television advertising effect towards customer purchasing decision. In particular, the author devide television advertising into four sub-variable, which are advertising message, advertising audio, advertising ilustration and figure on advertising. This study conduct by taking four hundred responses of respondents. Quantitative research was used in this study. This study used non-probability sampling method with incidental sampling method for the sampling analysis. The population used in this research is limited in Indonesia population only in which the total population is around 255 million people. The data was analyzed using simple linear regression. Result revealed that television advertising have an effect towards customer purchase decision. It is recommended that company should improve the publication in order to attract more trust from the customer which lead into the increase of sales. Keyword: television advertising, customer purchase decision, advertising message, advertising audio, figure on advertising.






Program Studi S1 International ICT Business