Analisis Kepuasan Konsumen Atas Servicescape Di Sierra Cafe & Lounge Bandung

Dainesta Tresna, R Nurafni Rubiyanti


ABSTRACT The development of the restaurant business has considerable potential as an industrial center. Therefore, competition from competitors even higher, companies are required to have a strategy that is unique and not widely known by the public is to establish an organization's physical facilities (servicescape). Sierra Cafe & Lounge is a restaurant that is popular and located in Dago Pakar. This research was carried out by using the level of customer satisfaction in the servicescape dimension ambient condition, spatial layout and functionally, and sign, symbols and artifacts. The objective of this research is to investigate the performance of servicescape, the expectations and the level of customer satisfaction with the performance of a given servicescape Sierra Cafe & Lounge and to determine aspects of what needs to be improved to increase the servicescape Sierra Cafe & Lounge. This type of research is descriptive research with quantitative research methods by distributing questionnaires to 100 respondents were sampled in this study with the sampling technique accidental sampling. Data analysis in this research using servicescape analysis, customer satisfaction index and Importance-Performance-Analysis (IPA). The results of this research can be seen that the performance of servicescape based on consumer perception is considered good with a percentage of 76.83% and the expectations of consumers considered important with a percentage of 84.08%. The analysis of this study shows consumers are in a category are not satisfied with the customer satisfaction score of 0.91. Results-Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) in this study showed that there are three attributes servicescape to be fixed by the management company, namely (1) music performed according to consumer tastes (2) the layout of the room is attractive, (3) sign the instructions menu clear. Keywords: Servicescape ( Ambient Conditions, Spatial Layout and Functionally, Sign, Symbols , and Artifact ), Consumer Satisfaction and Importance Performance Analysis.

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