Pengaruh Promosi Winback Terhadap Pembelian Kembali Pelanggan Di Transvision

Frederick Agung Ondo Panggabean, Heppy Millanyani


ABSTRACT The background of this research was to assess the implementation of winback promotions held by the TransVision, to know how repurchase being made by the customer, and to determine the relationship between the winback promotions and the repurchase made by the customer back in TransVision. The research method that used in this research is descriptive analysis, validity and reliability of data, and bivariate probability analysis or so-called probit analysis. Data was collectedby using questionnaire technique. The population of this research werecustomerscurned which is 150 people and been offered a winback promotion. Samples from this research were 109 customers who had stopped and was offered a winback promotions, sampling method that used in this research is random quota sampling. This researchis using a test of validity and reliability, as well as probit analysis. Data in this studywas processedby using SPSS 21 software. The descriptive analysis results state that customerconsiders winback promotion program which is implemented by TransVision wasincluded in good category, the customers that said they were agreed to follow winback promotions are 72 people,and those who weren’tare 37 people. Probit analysis results state that sales promotion variables (X1) and direct sales (X2) has an influence on repurchase made by the customer. The conclusion is sales promotion variables (X1) has the effect of 60.1% and direct sales variable (X2) has the effect of 74.9% of the buy-back (Y) which is performed by the customer. Keywords : Marketing Mix (Winback Promotion), Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Purchase Decision.

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