Pemanfaatan Big Data Analysis Dalam Meningkatkan Loyalitas Pelanggan High Speed Internet (studi Kasus Telkom Divisi Regional Ii Jakarta)

Indrawati Indrawati, Devy Indriasari


Revenue growth of High Speed Internet (HSI) in a Telco Company in Indonesia tends to bestagnant, it wasnot in line with the sales growth occurred in each month.Thiswas an indication that there was a number of customerswho warechurn and did not pay the service, thus the revenue from sales was not in line with the sales growth.Itis necessary to do research related to customer loyalty in order to reduce the level of churn that occured. This research utilized customers dataresulted by optimized churn prediction tool from Big Data Project, that remain loyal yet had been predicted to be churned. This research used customer loyalty modelwhich has corporate image, service quality, customer satisfaction, commitment, perceivedvalue, switching cost, or trustas independent variables that had positive influence to customer loyalty. Data were collected through questionnaires distributed to 929 customersthrough on line (using google form and phone) and off line (customers’ visits). The 929 customerswere selected based on result of churn prediction by Big Data Project that kept loyal for the next three month. From all questionnaire collected, only 482 customers gave valid respons. The 482 valid data were analyzed by using SmartPLS 3.0. The result indicated that service quality, customer satisfaction, commitment, perceived value, switching cost, and trust had positive influence to customer loyalty. While the corporate image factor did not have positive influence on customer loyalty at 95% of significant level. Commitment was found to be the most critical factor in affecting customers’ loyalty. Since Commitment variable had the highest score of influencing customer loyalty, whereas commitment was affected by customer satisfaction through service quality, this research suggested to increase customer loyalty trough increasing service quality. Based on descriptive result, in order to give a good service quality, the company must give better service than other operators trough increasing speed and stability of HSI, repairing HS Iinterferencequickly and accurately, giving service in accordance with service level guarantee, and giving service as promised in term of time and quality. Keywords: Customer loyalty; High Speed Internet; Commitment; Big Data Analysis, Indonesia

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