The Influence Of Service Quality In Islamic Bank Towards Customer Satisfaction (study - Bank Muamlat Indonesia, Bandung)

Hamzah Romzul Qur’ani, Tjahjono Djatmiko


This study explores the elements of service quality dimension that first developed by Parasuraman, (1985) and its influence toward customer satisfaction. In this research, the author added one variable (Compliance) despite using original 5 dimensions (Tangible, Empathy, Reliability, Responsiveness and Assurance). The author uses this new dimension (CARTER) due to the fact that the original dimension was obsolete in the author opinion. The additional variable, which is compliance, is related with culture and industry of the research object and location. Author has chosen Islamic Banking industry as the research object. It was because service quality research barely used in this industry.

Keyword: Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Islamic Banking

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