Analyzing Music Streaming Application Adoption In Indonesia Using A Unified Theory Of Acceptance And Use Of Technology 2: A Case Study Of Premium Joox And Spotify In Indonesia

Devi Apriyanti Walean, Indira Rachmawati


Abstract The high number of internet users in Indonesia impacts the behaviour of Indonesia’s people. Before digital technology penetrated the world of discussing, people are still using radio devices and CDs to enjoy the music. Unlike today, people can easily enjoy music anywhere and anytime without having to carry radio or CDs. People always listen to the music through online music streaming. Indonesia is one of the countries with huge growth potential of streaming music. There are two newcomers from streaming service providers who directly steal the public's attention, they are JOOX and Spotify. This study aims to examine the influence of analyse factors inside UTAUT 2 model that influence the customers on using music streaming application premium service in android mobile phone in Indonesia and to analysed age and gender affecting the influence inside UTAUT 2 model. The data were gathered from 400 respondents in Indonesia chosen by Purposive NonProbability Sampling technique. The result revealed that there are six factors in the UTAUT2 Model which significantly influence the behavioral intention of premium service of music streaming application adoption, namely Habit, Hedonic Motivation, Social Influence and Performance Expectancy. In terms of moderating factors, both Age and Gender are not moderating any influences of factors towards Behavioral Intention. The model can predict moderate the behavioral intention of consumers towards premium service of music streaming application services in Indonesia since the R² is 58.3%. Keywords: JOOX, Spotify, behavior intention, use behavior, UTAUT 2, Indonesia

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