The Influence Of Work Readiness Towards Career Development (study Case Of Telkom University Diploma And Bachelor Graduates)

Rizky Aulia Pratama, Ella Jauvani Sagala


Abstract Companies and organizations are struggled to find well-prepared, capable, and skilled workers. Most of graduates from Indonesia are half-baked. Most of them are lack of qualification standards, capabilities, and language skills. In order to success, graduates should have a work readiness. Also, career development is needed to increase the capabilities, skills, attitude, and responsibilities. Correspondingly, the company will be more effective and efficient to achieve targets. This research aims to analyze the influence of work readiness to career development. The research object is Telkom University diploma and bachelor graduates that has worked in 2015 and 2016. This research is expected to provide insight, suggestion, and conclusion as contributions to Telkom University. To reach the research objectives, this research applies a quantitative method. This research uses questionnaire as the data collection tool with the Likert interval scale. This tool is used to measure opinion, attitude, and perception of an individual or group of people about a social phenomenon. By this tool, the respondents define the agreement and disagreement towards the statement through the scale. The data analysis technique are descriptive analysis method, correlation test, and simple regression analysis. By the results of this research, work readiness affects Telkom University graduates positively on career development by 8.5%. Also, the relationship between work readiness and career development is 30.1% means in the level of weak. Also, the influence of work readiness towards career development among Telkom University graduates is around 9.1%. In other words, still 90.9% remaining in another aspects or variables that is not in this research. Keyword: work readiness, career development

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