Faktor-faktor Pembentuk Keputusan Konsumen Dalam Menggunakan Smartphone Pada Mahasiswa Telkom University

Anggit Haryansyah, Aditya Wardhana


A smartphone is a communication device that combines the functionality of communication and a personal digital assistant (PDA) where the communication is not limited to just voice and text, but also data and images and multimedia. In this age, there are many Information Communication Technology and Services (ICTS) companies launching many smartphone devices. Right now, there are as many as 1.6 billion people, or roughly 22 percent of the world population, that use smartphones, and it is estimated by 2018, 9 out of 10 communication devices are smartphones. The technique for data collection for this research is Principle Component Analysis (PCA). This research uses one variable consumer decision, which is divided into 16 dimensions. Samples used in this research amounts to 100 individuals, using a questionnaire as the data collection. The aim of this research is to identify the factors that shape consumer decisions in smartphone usage. Analysis results for the factors of this research show that the total variance value is as much as 62.862%, which shows how much this research can explain the influences of the factors that build consumer decisions in smartphone usage. The results of this research shows there are 5 factors that can be identified: (1) need and function factors, (2) promotion and life style factors, (3) psychology and brand image factors, (4) price and social status factors, and (5) product and facility factors.

Keywords: smartphone, factor analysis

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