Content E-Learning Matematika Diskrit 1

Amaliana Ramli, Heru Nugroho, Wardani Muhamad


Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that discusses everything about discrete. Discrete here means not interconnected (as opposed to continuous). Some of the things discussed here are in Discrete Mathematics Logic, Association, Boolean Algebra and Simplification of Boolean Functions. Discrete mathematics is the main course and the basis for Computer Science or Informatics. One of the problems faced by students when studying educational books are not able to fully understand the information that is contained in a book and learning provided by faculty in particular Discrete Mathematics course. To support the learning process is required Discrete Mathematics an application / E-Learning which support the learning process in order to facilitate the understanding Discrete Mathematics. To achieve this, built a Flash-based application (using Adobe Flash) which is commonly referred to as ELearning is expected to improve the performance of the efficient and effective in terms of learning Discrete Mathematics. E-Learning is only discusses some of the material in Discrete Mathematics, they are Logic, Association, Boolean algebra, simplification of Boolean functions and are accompanied by problems and implementation of each material. Keywords: Adobe Flash

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