Factors Affecting Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Shopping (study Case Of Lazada.co.id)


  • Basmal Eshar Pouristama Telkom University
  • Indira Rachmawati Telkom University


Abstract Information technology has developed rapidly where its development cannot be avoided. The result of this development such as the internet. The existence of internet itself and its related technologies affects the business world greatly where they have changed the concept of traditional commerce into electronic commerce or e-commerce. The growth of Indonesia e-commerce is high, but despite the high growth of e-commerce, Indonesian consumer attitudes towards online shopping is negative or not in favorable manner, it is reversed if compared with Lazada Indonesia where consumer attitudes towards them is already positive or in favorable manner. The objective of this research is to analyze factors in an integrated model which involves Perceived Web Quality, Perceived Benefits, eWOM, Trust, and Online Shopping Attitudes. This research used data from 400 samples using non probability sampling of judgement sampling. The result revealed that perceived web quality, perceived benefits, and trust influences online shopping attitudes where perceived web quality is the most significant variable that influences online shopping attitudes. The model is categorized as moderate model thus new variables may be added to the model and encouraged to focus on app based online shopping. Keywords : Lazada, Online Shopping Attitudes, Perceived Web Quality, Indonesia.






Program Studi S1 International ICT Business