Factors That Affecting Continuance Intention To Use E-ticketing On Krl Jabodetabek

Kenang Kana, Maya Ariyanti


Abstract Mass transportation modes in Jakarta and surrounding areas (JABODETABEK) are growing. One of the most used public transportation in JABODETABEK for daily basis is electric railway (KRL) to avoid traffic in the city. Along with increased the number of KRL passengers, PT KCI improve facilities of KRL. Therefore, KCJ also provide e -ticketing eager to support government program (GNNT) which is KMT. The objective of this research is to analyze factors inside modified UTAUT 2 model that influence the users on using KMT as e-ticketing on KRL JABODETABEK and to analyzed age and gender affecting the influence inside UTAUT 2 model in the context of using KMT. This research used data from 400 respondents who have been using KMT chosen by Purposive Non-Probability Sampling technique. To test the hypotheses, this research use Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) with SmartPLS 3.0 as statistic software. The result revealed that there are five factors in the UTAUT2 Model which significantly influence the continuance intention of KMT usage, namely Habit, Hedonic Motivation, Social Influence, Performance Expectancy, and Price Value. In terms of moderating factors, age does not affect any factors and gender only affect Habit. The model can predict moderate the continuance intention of KMT usage since the R² is 70.9%. Keywords: KMT, e-ticketing, e-money, Continuance Intention, UTAUT 2

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