The Influence of Satisfaction and Trust Customers Enterprise Sales Telkomcel Timor Leste Towards Its Loyalty Commitment

Yudhi Sukma, Andry Alamsyah


Abstract - The main contributor of Telkomcel Timor Leste's income is in the Enterprise Sales portfolio which accounts for at least 42.89% of the total revenue generated by Telkomcel. In 2018, Telkomcel Enterprise Sales was targeted with growth in operating revenues of 10.52% from the previous year. This target is a challenging target and must be surpassed by Telkomcel Enterprise Sales. As one of the contributors to Telkomcel's revenue, Enterprise service sales and retention must be increased. This study is purposed to identify variables of service quality, product quality, and relationship quality which are forming mediation variables as satisfaction and trust and then influence customer loyalty commitment by using the Structural Equation model. Data collection was carried out on Telkomcel Enterprise Sales customer customers through filling in questionnaires, while the data that was successfully obtained were 176 data which were then analyzed using Path Analysis using the SPSS application. The result revealed that the variable is able to influence satisfaction, with the total influence value from the largest to the smallest were relationship quality (39.77%), service quality (12.75%) and product quality (8.01%). And variables that influence trust are started by relationship quality (29.55%), service quality (17.78%) and product quality (12.39%), as well as the influence of meditation variables satisfaction and trust to loyalty commitment with score of 17.01% and 50.30%. Referring to the results of the study that all variables have considerable influence on satisfaction, trust, and loyalty commitment, some suggestions have been made for Telkomcel Timor Leste in strengthening these variables. Keywords: service quality, product quality, relationship quality, satisfaction, trust, loyalty commitment, Telkomcel Timor Leste, Enterprise Sales

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