Segmentasi Konsumen Sayuran Organik Pada Yogya Dept. Store Kota Bandung 2014

Abdul Latief Effendi


This  research  was  made  to  know  how  green  product  or  spesifically organic  vegetables consumer segmentation at YOGYA Dept. Store based on NMI’s variable of behavior which is LOHAS, Naturalites, Drifters, Conventionals and Unconcerned.

In  this  research,  author  used  a  primary  and  secondary  data.  Primary  data  in  this  research  is  a questionnaire filled by 400 organic vegetable consumer at YOGYA Dept. Store, while the secondary data of this research is journal and market reports issued by NMI themselves.

The sampling method used on this research was non-probability sampling, with purposive sampling method. The analyze method was quantitative-descriptive and the processing tool used to process the data was K-Means clustering method.

The summary of this research is the drifters is the most dominant with 43% and should be the target of marketeers for green products because of their cross behaviour between naturalites and conventionals, they have a  good understanding about environtment conservation. Conventionals consumer take 27.5% they usually saving energy with different morivation approach, naturalites with 22.5% they usually saving energy and boycott companies with practices that are not environmental friendly. LOHAS have 4% from total respondent and very active to protect the environtment and unconcerned have 3% from total respondent and have no intention to protect the environtment at all.

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