Identifikasi Pola Interaksi Dan Penggemar Musik Mayoritas Pada Komunitas Pengguna Jejaring Sosial Last.Fm Di Forum Kaskus (Studi Menggunakan Metode Social Network Analysis)

Immanuel Matthias Pandapotan, Andry Alamsyah, Marisa Paryasto


Social network services provide social network mining, especially conversational / interaction. Social network services that offers music as its one of entertainment contents is a very interesting topic to be discussed in online forums. In online forums, there is diverging conversation that is considered to be a common way of interacting. Users are utilized with technology for various purposes including engaging in a social interaction and sharing contents. A biggest online forum are quantify behavior by Social Computing. Social Network Analysis will help produce a visualization of interaction that occurs, based on the interaction between the members on forums which subsequently generates community. A community that has the biggest value among other communities in the network is going to be calculated using the community detection analysis. Social Network Analysis method is able to calculate and recognize the big groups in online forums. The research was conducted by observing a community users on Kaskus forum. user community shows representative music fans in Kaskus forum. On Kaskus, community of music fans showed the development in music fans that could be used as good reference by Indonesian promoters in music concert. users on Kaskus could facilitate Indonesian promoters to market their concert events

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